3 in 1 Portable Dog Water Bottle MultiFunction Dog Hiking With Trash Bag - 300ml

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Portable Dog Water Bottle Multi-Function Dog Hiking Water Bottle With Trash Bag

  • Ergonomic design:The design combines the drinking trough and the cup,and It's convenient for one-handed operation,also makes easier for the owner to feed pet water and make sure it does not leak when inverted in 360 degrees.Designed with lanyard on the top,which is also easy to carry.

  • 300ML large water storage capacity: O-shaped direct-drinking wide sink design, wide-mouth drinking, conforming to the dog's oral structure, and will not be spilled, suitable for all kinds of large, medium and small dogs for long-term outdoor use.

  • Comes with a poop collection shovel: buckle on the cup when not in use, remove it directly when in use, put it in a garbage bag for use, safe and hygienic, and will not pollute the environment.

  • The storage function of the poop garbage bag: place a portable garbage bag at the end of the cup, and gently pull it when using it.
  •          This product is made of healthy and environmentally friendly food grade ABS+PC materials, with a smooth surface, strong high temperature resistance, and a long service life. Each part can be disassembled, and the main owner chooses to use it. It is easy to clean, and each part can be rinsed directly with water, just clean it.


- Leak-proof

-300 ML capacity available, choose reasonable one as per your request- Food grade material

- One hand operation, convenient to use

- Compact size, reasonable capacity

- Perfect for taking your dog outdoor walking, hiking, traveling etc

- One key to open/lock water, no leak and water waste



- Keep the puppy dog water bottle out of hot water over 176 ℉ /80 ℃

- Don't wash with dish-washing machine

- Don't press water key hard when lock key is locking

- Don't put these in the cup: dry ice, chocolate, soda water, milk etc


   How to use:

   1.Keep the dogs water bottle horizontal, slide lock key right to unlock, press water key to fill trough with water.  Release Water key to stop water.

   2.After feeding, slide lock key left to lock and prevent the water leakage.



   Cup Material: PC

   Trough Material:ABS

   Capacity:300 mls

   Dimension:10.5"*3.8"*3.7"(300 mls)