iPad Mini 4 4th Gen Battery Replacement

iPad Mini 4 4th Gen Battery Replacement

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MAh 5124mAh
Voltage 3.82V
Serial A1546


Repair,Replace old, broken, cracked, damaged faulty Battery with this replacement Part.

Each part is tested before shipping and 100% working.

Free tool kit (One tool Set for the entire order)


Certify Battery

Each battery is tested by our manufactures and made to the international standards (CE, ROHS) level in the market. Batteries are coming with overheat, overload and overcharging protection with high quality lithium polymer cell.


Battery charging tips

        Avoid excessive heat and cold

        Use of proper charging cable

        Avoid fast charging if possible

        Charge the battery before it goes to zero (before 10%)

        Use certified wireless charging pads


Avoid Watching videos, Playing games or having calls while on charge.

this will result excessive battery consumption and health issues.


Battery Power saving tips


    •     Decrease the screen brightness

    •     Try to shut down background Apps - Specially the apps consuming more battery power

    •     Avoid fancy bright colorful Themes. Use a dark theme is possible

    •     Turn on energy saving mode / low power mode.

    •     Control the use of Bluetooth, GPS , Wi-Fi, and NFC. Turn on while it needed.


Please recycle your old/damaged/unused battery with care.