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Latest TWS wireless earbuds with the latest Bluetooth connectivity. These TWS Earphone are enclosed in a plastic box which makes these TWS earbuds safe and secure. The TWS portable wireless earphones have small batteries that give long-lasting backup. Wireless earphones have light-signal which aid users during connectivity and disconnectivity. These TWS earbuds pro 4 have touch sensors that are responsible to pause and play the media if touched.


5.0 Bluetooth Connectivity TWS earbuds

The latest TWS earbuds are having advanced Bluetooth connectivity which is 5.0. As a result, these TWS earbuds pro 4 has a maximum range, eight times the bandwidth, and twice the speed.

Fast Pairing TWS Earphones

These earphones will automatically be connected to the phone once turned on. TWS earbuds have right and left channel separation and can be used in a pair as well as a single.

Smart Sensor in TWS earbuds pro 4

Earbuds pro 4 has sensors that play and pause the media if touched. If touched for a long while, this will cause turn on or turn off the device.

Portable Wireless Earphones

TWS earbuds are easy to carry while traveling. These wireless headsets have a small battery but provide long backup once fully charged. Each pair has light sensors that guide the users upon full charging, connectivity, and disconnectivity.

Auto Charging of Earbuds in the Box

These Wireless earphones support wireless charging. TWS earbuds would be automatically charged once put into the case. This box also contains light that indicates the charging process.